Investment Announcement - November 5, 2021

Accelerating People to $0 Student Debt

We are excited to announce our first portfolio company, Dolr, a consumer-focused platform to help people accelerate the payoff of their student loan debt. Learn more at

Zell Capital is the first investor in the Dolr Seed Round via Simple Agreement for Future Equity (SAFE).2


43 Million

US Citizens with student loan debt 1

$1.7 Trillion

Current student debt load in the US 1

Student loan debt continues to accelerate as an economic and societal crisis in the United States, with 43 million people in debt and an average loan size over $39,000.1 This burden holds people back from living their best lives and investing in their future (homes, family, travel, etc.).

Dolr is designed to help users payoff student debt years faster by connecting them to new sources of cash while using their current behavior. This includes:

  • Employer contribution to student loan payoff – Employers can contribute up to $5,250 per year on a tax-free basis to employees. Currently live
  • Convert online and offline shopping at Dolr partners to cash back for student loan repayment. Coming soon
  • Convert credit card rewards to loan payments. Coming soon
  • Enroll in a disciplined micro payment program called Daily Dolr. Currently live

“Zell Capital has been the ideal venture partner, adding value from our first meeting. We appreciate Zell’s passion for Dolr’s vision.” – Naveed Iqbal, Founder & CEO


Naveed Iqbal, PhD
Co-Founder and CEO

Naveed immigrated to the US in 2003 from Tanzania, East Africa, to pursue his education, receiving a PhD in Applied Mathematics from the Florida Institute of Technology.

After stints in the corporate and startup worlds, Naveed partnered with college friends to launch Dolr, taking a mathematical approach to creating the fastest way for a person to pay off student debt.

Alex Michaels, MBA
Business Development
EK Dzotsi
Product Marketing
Ashwin Acharya, MSc


1 Source: Hanson, Melanie. “Student Loan Debt Statistics”, September 27, 2021,

2SAFEs are used in connection with a private placement to accredited investors where early-stage startup companies raise seed capital and issue the SAFE in exchange for the investor’s payment of a specific investment amount in exchange of an agreed upon conversion price and conversion shares.

Dolr and Zell Capital are not affiliated.

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The marketplace for venture capital investing has become increasingly competitive, making it difficult for us to locate an adequate number of attractive investment opportunities. Because our investments are generally not in publicly traded securities, there will be uncertainty regarding the value of our investments, which could adversely affect the determination of our net asset value. One of the key elements of our structure, which we refer to as an “Access Fund,” is the potential for investors of the type we expect to attract to provide expertise to our portfolio companies in various areas. There is no guarantee that any of our investors will, in fact, have expertise that would be useful for any of our portfolio companies, or if they have such expertise, that they would have any interest in working with our portfolio companies.

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