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Zell Capital invests in early stage companies, specifically in seed and Series A rounds. We invest through equity, debt and debt-like (eg revenue sharing) financing. Our aim is to partner with great entrepreneurs and teams to help achieve growth goals.

Our Investment Process

We invest between $250k and $2 million into seed and series a funding rounds for technology and technology-enabled startup companies. We invest in equity as well as ‘debt-like’ instruments, including revenue sharing agreements. 

We invest based on our thesis of the First Principle of Value. There are specific criteria we are looking for in startups. We invest in companies that have significant growth opportunity in large markets. We do not invest in companies such as single-location retail or real estate. 

Intake Form: Once a startup has submitted the intake form we will respond within two business days to inform them if they fit or do not fit our investment criteria.

First Call: If they fit our investment criteria we will ask for an introductory video call to learn more about the startup from the founding team.

Due Diligence: For startups we decide to move forward on, we will enter into due diligence where we will do a deep-dive of research on the startup and market opportunity. 

Term Sheet: Our due diligence is divided into two phases. The first is to assess against our investment thesis. For companies who meet our criteria, and where we are the lead investor, we will provide a non-binding term sheet to the startup. If we are joining a round we will provide a commitment of interest. The second phase of our due diligence is focused on governance and legal review. 

All together, our investment process will take approximately 45 days. We are committed to quickly tell startups no if we are not a good match as an investment partner. 

Building a startup is hard and we celebrate all people who take the step to become an entrepreneur. The nature of our business as a fund means that we say no to a lot more startups than we say yes to. To help guide entrepreneurs to other sources of funding we will be adding a resources page to our website in the near future. 

Before investing you should carefully consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other information is in the prospectus, a copy of which you can find at or by contacting US Bank at 1-888-484-1944. Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest. 

An indication of interest in response to this advertisement will involve no obligation or commitment of any kind. 

Our investments in what we believe to be rapidly growing venture-capital-backed emerging companies may be extremely risky and we could lose all or part of our investments.  Significant risks of investing in venture capital backed emerging companies are: these companies may have limited financial resources, limited operating histories, and have generally less predictable operating results. Because they are privately owned, there is generally little publicly available information about these businesses.  Also, early-stage and development-stage companies have a high rate of failure and often experience unexpected problems.

We plan to focus a significant portion of our investing in technology companies, which may cause the value of our interests to be susceptible to factors affecting the technology industry and therefore subject to greater risk than an investment in a fund that invests in a broader range of securities.

The marketplace for venture capital investing has become increasingly competitive, making it difficult for us to locate an adequate number of attractive investment opportunities.

Because our investments are generally not in publicly traded securities, there will be uncertainty regarding the value of our investments, which could adversely affect the determination of our net asset value.

One of the key elements of our structure as an Access Fund is the potential for investors of the type we expect to attract to provide expertise to our portfolio companies in various areas. There is no guarantee that any of our investors will, in fact, have expertise that would be useful for any of our portfolio companies, or if they have such expertise, that they would have any interest in working with our portfolio companies.

We have identified only a few specific investments that we may make with the proceeds from this offering. As a result, this may be deemed to be a “blind pool” offering and you will not have the opportunity to evaluate historical data or assess any investments prior to purchasing our Shares. 

There can be no assurance that the results predicted or targeted will be attained, and actual results may be significantly different from the statements on this website. Also, general economic factors, which are not predictable, can have a material impact on the reliability of our targeted results.

 Investing involves risk.  Loss of principal is possible.

Investing in our shares involves a high degree of risk. Before buying any shares, you should read the discussion of the material risks of investing in our shares in “Risk Factors” in the prospectus, a summary of which is also found here.  Our shares will not be publicly traded, and you will have very limited liquidity, may not be able to sell your shares, and may not receive a full return of your invested capital, regardless of how we perform.

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