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Zell Capital is an investment company registered under the Investment Company Act of 1940 that invests in startup companies across the United States. We are pioneering a new type of investment fund, Access Fund, which allows all investors, not just accredited investors and institutions, to invest in venture capital funds.

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Zell Capital Overview

Traditionally, only wealthy individuals and institutions have access to invest in funds that invest in startup companies, also known as venture capital funds. This is because traditional venture capital funds are private funds that are not subject to the same regulatory reporting requirements of registered funds. Investing in private venture capital funds involves a lot of risk, and there are investor protections in place, such as accredited investor standards, to protect investors who may be unfamiliar the risks. 

Zell Capital is pioneering a new model that transparently educates investors about the risks of startup investing while providing a fund investment opportunity that is accessible to all investors, not just the wealthy.

We call this new type of fund an Access Fund.

Our fund is registered under the Investment Company Act and is subject to regular reporting and disclosure. This enables us to have fund investors beyond what traditional private equity and venture capital funds can have. In fact, with a minimum investment of $1,000, our fund is highly accessible for most investors.

Investing in startups involves a high level of risk. This is because startups are illiquid investments. When you invest cash to purchase shares of a startup company there is no easy way to sell those shares after purchase. This means if a startup company, or a fund that invests in startups, goes out of business, you could lose all of your investment. This is different from publicly traded companies. For example, if you invest cash to purchase shares of a publicly traded company, you can typically sell those shares very quickly if needed, limiting the risk of loss of your investment.  In contrast, buying shares in publicly traded companies is considered a liquid investment. The lack of liquidity in startup investing underscores the need for investors to perform due diligence and understand that when they invest, there is a chance that all of the investment capital could be lost. Generally, investors likely invest only a very small percentage of an investment portfolio into these types of speculative, high risk investments.

So, why do it all? 

Early equity ownership is a great tool for wealth creation that exists in our society. Receiving shares of ownership at founding, or shortly thereafter, in companies that experience high growth can generate significant financial returns. However, these investors can also lose their entire investment if the company fails.

The venture capital industry exists to provide investors a passive investment opportunity into early equity ownership of startups through fund-based strategies. Due to the risks of startup investing a fund-based model can be ideal for investors where their investment is diversified across a large number of companies, reducing the risk of full loss of capital.

Zell Capital offers this passive investment opportunity for the first time to all investors through our Access Fund.  Our fund approach brings innovation and access for the first time to investors who have historically been locked out of this investment opportunity. 

Please take time to explore our website to learn more about the team and culture at Zell Capital. Also please ensure that you perform due diligence and seek advice from your financial advisor before making an investment. Investing in Zell Capital is a long-term commitment and subject to certain risks.

Before investing you should carefully consider the fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other information is in the prospectus, a copy of which you can find at or by contacting US Bank at 1-888-484-1944. Please read the prospectus carefully before you invest. 

An indication of interest in response to this advertisement will involve no obligation or commitment of any kind. 

Our investments in what we believe to be rapidly growing venture-capital-backed emerging companies may be extremely risky and we could lose all or part of our investments.  Significant risks of investing in venture capital backed emerging companies are: these companies may have limited financial resources, limited operating histories, and have generally less predictable operating results. Because they are privately owned, there is generally little publicly available information about these businesses.  Also, early-stage and development-stage companies have a high rate of failure and often experience unexpected problems.

We plan to focus a significant portion of our investing in technology companies, which may cause the value of our interests to be susceptible to factors affecting the technology industry and therefore subject to greater risk than an investment in a fund that invests in a broader range of securities.

The marketplace for venture capital investing has become increasingly competitive, making it difficult for us to locate an adequate number of attractive investment opportunities.

Because our investments are generally not in publicly traded securities, there will be uncertainty regarding the value of our investments, which could adversely affect the determination of our net asset value.

One of the key elements of our structure as an Access Fund is the potential for investors of the type we expect to attract to provide expertise to our portfolio companies in various areas. There is no guarantee that any of our investors will, in fact, have expertise that would be useful for any of our portfolio companies, or if they have such expertise, that they would have any interest in working with our portfolio companies.

We have identified only a few specific investments that we may make with the proceeds from this offering. As a result, this may be deemed to be a “blind pool” offering and you will not have the opportunity to evaluate historical data or assess any investments prior to purchasing our Shares. 

There can be no assurance that the results predicted or targeted will be attained, and actual results may be significantly different from the statements on this website. Also, general economic factors, which are not predictable, can have a material impact on the reliability of our targeted results.

 Investing involves risk.  Loss of principal is possible.

Investing in our shares involves a high degree of risk. Before buying any shares, you should read the discussion of the material risks of investing in our shares in “Risk Factors” in the prospectus, a summary of which is also found here.  Our shares will not be publicly traded, and you will have very limited liquidity, may not be able to sell your shares, and may not receive a full return of your invested capital, regardless of how we perform.

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